Saving the Planet on Two Wheels

World leaders seem to contradict what they are in Glasgow for, as they arrive at the COP26 by means of polluting private jets or with several cars. Luckily, there are those who, out of the spotlight, chose an alternative and sustainable way of travelling, carrying an important message as well. Read More

The Climate Crisis is an Education Crisis

Access to schooling is not always guaranteed and more and more frequently this is caused by climate change. Climate education, though, represents, in its different forms, a very powerful weapon in the fight against climate change: this is why it is fundamental that the right to education be guaranteed. All things considered, the climate crisis is an education crisis. Read More

Technology for Net Zero

Magway presents itself as a new way for home delivery. Its co-founder Phil Davies says: "We are a sustainable delivery solution and we work in partnership with like-minded people to address the greatest threat: saving our planet". Read More

Youth for Climate: Boosting Ambition

Here is the summary of the Manifesto “Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition”. For the Youth4Climate participants gathered in Milan, the promises of climate neutrality by 2050 are not enough to meet climate targets: it is necessary to eliminate emissions from the fossil industry by 2030. Read More