Talking politics with the Euro deputies

 Talking politics with the Euro deputies

During the European Youth Conference in Lisbon 2018 there will be different activities happening every day: cultural evening, projects fair, debates, European food market etc.


Throughout the week we (The Youth Press Agency) will be informing you about it on a daily basis.
Take for instance the debate on the first evening. We were so privileged that we had five members of the European parliament join us for an interesting discussion about the state of the environment and what our options are and will be in the future.The five Euro deputies joining us were:

Ana Gomes (PS)
Marisa Matias (BE)
Carlos Zorrinho (PS)
José Ignácio Faria (Partido da Terra)
João Ferreira (PCP)

During the dialog the Euro deputies mentioned that nature won’t be separated by borders. This led to the discussion of the fact that we can’t talk about borders when we talk about the climate, but that we will have to work together and embrace each other’s different stands and needs. They also talked some more about how it is impossible to avoid the trend to globalize, but also how important it is to do it in a way that won’t hurt the environment (buying local products when possible and so on). And last, but not least, they talked how everything is connected and that we cannot speak just of a financial-, a social- or a environmental environment, but that we have to create a harmony between the different sectors of politics if we want to have a chance of changing the world for the better.

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