The ball is with Poland

 The ball is with Poland

What’s in check is the future of the new generations. Almost in a unanimity, this was the watchword bolded at the Open Ceremony of the United Nation Climate Change Conference (COP19), happening in Warsaw, Poland, from 11th to 22 november.

By Paulo Lima

This a hard game front of so many interests in debate and hard issues to be discussed by the 193 parties’ delegations around the world. But the most important thing is that “we can move forward in negotiations to have a agreement in 2015″, bet Mr. Abdullah bin Hamad al -Attiyah, formal president of COP18, that was held last year in Doha.
“This is [the agreement] also should be strengthen and find money for the Green Climate Fund, to support the poorest countries to address the effects of climate change”. At his welcome, the host and current president of COP19, the minister of environment of Poland, Mr. Marcin Korolec, said that “it’s necessary sum the efforts, everybody, to heal our planet”. Yes, “I care!”, is another watchword that we see stamped at banners, posters and t-shirts which circulate through the aisles of the National Soccer Stadium which was turned into a stage for many meetings and reflections that is going to happen in the next two weeks.
The responsibility is big, summarizes the executive secretary of United Nation Framework in Climate change Convention (UNFCCC), Christiana Figueres. “We’re here as representatives of the humanity to find global solutions and urgent for the effects of Climate Change. The COP have to help us to get away to our countries and communities more strengthened to promote a sustainable development which considers the intergenerational equity”.

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