The Climate Conference in Bonn told by young people from different countries

 The Climate Conference in Bonn told by young people from different countries

A group of 30 high school students accompanied by some researchers and teachers will take part into the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) holding in Bonn from Nov 6th to Nov 17th.


The main aim of the conference is to set specific targets in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement and to establish concrete measures to fulfil the commitments taken. The situation calls for drastic and prompt actions to stop greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce the consequences of climate change and global warming.

n 2016 a new record, both in terms of average global temperature and greenhouse gases concentration, was established. Remarkably, that was the third consecutive year a new global annual temperature record was set. The average global temperature across the world for 2016 was 1,2 °C above the pre-industrial levels, getting therefore really close to the limit defined by the Paris Agreement. In 2016, the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas, reached the record value of 403 ppm.

The signs of global warming are everywhere and the consequences are catastrophic in many parts of the world. Fiji is presiding over COP23 not accidentally. The Republic of Fiji and the other small nations in the Pacific Oceans are in fact the most threatened places by the sea level rise due to climate changes. As a consequences, places like Tuvalu and the Republic of Kiribati are already working on the evacuation of their inhabitants: their small territories might be completely covered by the oceans in few years.

The urge for action requires the civil society to put the delegations of countries attending the conference of Bonn under pressure. The attendance to the conference of common people, in particular of young generations is therefore crucial.

What should we expect from the Conference of Bonn?

During the conference COP23 government delegates will gather to enforce the targets set with the Paris Agreement. Their aim is to establish implemented guidelines for the reduction of greenhouse gases, to identify the necessary financial resources to reach the goals defined and to decide how to transfer technology to developing countries. The new guidelines will have to be completed and adopted during the COP24, which will be held in Poland in 201.

Youth Press Agency

A delegation of 30 high school and university students from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Italy and Holland will follow the negotiations in Bonn. The UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) and the Conference of Youth (COY13) are two of the most involving activities for students.

The Conference of Youth , Bonn Nov 2nd – Nov 5th, will offer young people from all over the world the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in the field of climatechanges, to come up with creative ideas and to get ready to become active participants during the UN Climate Change Conference.

The Youth Press Agency is an international project of active journalism fostered by the Brazilian association Viração Educomunicação since 2005. Since 2012, they have told about the UN negotiations on climate change together with Engajamundo e Climax Brasil in Brazil, Fundacion Tierravida from Argentina, ClimaLab in Colombia and Viração&Jangada in Italy.

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