The voices of young Colombians in Paris: A positive message in the fight against climate change

 The voices of young Colombians in Paris: A positive message in the fight against climate change

Some young Colombians participated as speakers during COY11 in Paris, sharing a message of hope against the climate crisis with young people from different parts of the world.


Young people from Colombia who managed to participate in the World Youth Conference on Climate Change ( COY11 ) that took place at the Parc des Expositions de Ville Paint on the outskirts of Paris, not only were attending to lectures and activities developed during the event, but also they presented their projects and ideas.

It is noteworthy that all these young people are part of an initiative called Colombian Youth Climate Movement (MCJC) which is composed of various NGOs, groups, collectives and individuals from different professions, areas and activities that come together to work toward a goal in common: youth promoting greater impact and a real change in society that contributes to respond adequately to the challenges of climate change in Colombia.

The first one to expose was Daniel LondoƱo (environmental engineer), Camilo Trujillo (political science student), Manuel Cardona (law student) and Laura Diaz (graphic designer), all from the city of Medellin and members of the NGO Club Botanical Environmental. His intervention took place on the first day (November 26) and in an hour, representing the Colombian Youth Climate Movement (MCJC) discussed the role of youth, the position of Colombia in the negotiations and COP21.
Especially on the role of young Colombians in implementation strategies with which the Government sought to fulfill the commitments in terms of reducing emissions and adaptation that are listed in the INDCs of Colombia.
Another participation of young Colombians were held on the second day (November 27). At the beginning of the day during the “Workshop of youth involvement in water and climate change” organized by the World Parliament of Youth for Water, Xiomara Acevedo Barranquilla talked about the importance of aquatic ecosystems and the close relationship between climate change and water, particularly in terms of adaptation in vulnerable regions as with most Latin American countries.
Later, she shared some youth initiatives and projects developed in Colombia as water school “Majorcan live” taking place in the village La Playa (Barranquilla) and the Project Orinoco is Adapted (Orinoco).Finally, Jhoanna Cifuentes from the municipality of Chia (Cundinamarca) presented the main Colombian youth activities has made throughout the year to demonstrate their interest and ability to contribute to the solution of the problems associated with climate change in the country.

In this space she talked about the work done by the Colombian Youth Climate Movement (MCJC) and the organizations that are part of this great movement, highlighting the National Youth Network Environment (RNJA), the Colombian Platform on Climate Change, the Environmental Botanical Club (CBA), Barranquilla + 20, Green City, CLICK !, Red + Vos, young Latin Americans, among others.

Also, she shared some of the results of the meetings in which young Colombians have participated as the Global Compact Youth for Climate held in Toulouse (France) and some made in the capital of the country previously to Americas Meeting on Climate Change, including The Pre-summit on Children and Adolescents and Against Climate Change and Conference of Women for Climate Justice.

All these young people came to Paris with dreams and aspirations, but also with the clear intention of leaving a message that allows other young people of the world find the road, leaving their differences, their fears and negativity aside to join a generation that believes that change is possible and that the climate crisis, beyond all the desolation, should be taken as an opportunity to show that if we are united we can achieve our great goal of a better future for all us.

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