“There is no climate justice without human rights”

 “There is no climate justice without human rights”

The Declaration of the peoples at COP27.

The People’s Plenary at COP27 aroused great emotion. Coordinated by a representative of Egyptian civil society and preceded by a few moments of meditation and prayer of some native peoples, the assembly was an opportunity to present the “Declaration for climate justice” by the main non-governmental organizations (NGOs) admitted as observers of the Conference of the Parties (COP) and and grouped in the so-called “constitency”.

Environmental NGOs (ENGO), Indigenous Peoples Organizations (IPO), trade union NGOs (TUNGO), Women and Gender constituency (WGC) and Children and Youth NGOs (YOUNGO) have signed up to the document to launch a strong call to the negotiating delegations and which includes the demand to decolonize economies and societies, to repay the climate debt and to tackle global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030. The Declaration closes with the strong call for the release of imprisoned Egyptian activist Alaa Abd El -Fattah and for the release of all other political prisoners.

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