Walking around during the first day of the Forum – Exploring the Little Worlds

 Walking around during the first day of the Forum – Exploring the Little Worlds

Have you ever heard about the new Ministry of Happiness, Contemplation and Exploration of the Little Worlds?


I just met with its representatives and – trust me – those are the kind of (fictitious) officials you would really want to get to know!
Yesterday afternoon I was walking around the University hall where the International Forum for Well-being is taking place, capturing the nice setting and atmosphere, taking pictures of the humoristic cartoons made on the go and observing the debates of passionate people, when I was literally caught by a group of very curious children.

Apparently, they had been trained by Mr. Dankwart – Interministerial Delegate of the above mentioned Ministry – to go around, observe and imagine adventures happening at that very minute, but in smaller worlds: imagining themselves as small characters living on the edge of a table, or as part of a tree… it was a quite captivating activity called “nano-hiking“.
Moreover, these lively small human beings had been invited to talk to a person of their choice and to ask as many questions as they feel like. So my humble self was the person they chose to capture!

I must confess I was a little impressed at first, because these kids asked very profound questions indeed: What are your origins? What do you do with your life? Mmmh… I thought it was not so interesting to talk about what I don’t do – work – so I wanted to share a positive answer. I said: “I often gather with many people, like today, to share, think and do things all together!

Do you have an occupation? Actually, I don’t. I’m still looking for one that would allow me to achieve my many aspirations. Are you happy not to have an occupation ? It depends… but for them I actually said: “Right now, yes I am! Because I feel free and have time to participate in the Forum!
Do you think it’s important to have an occupation or a job? Not so important in my opinion, or at least not as much as spending time with friends, learning, sharing, dancing… Finally, Do you like it here?Here where?” I wondered, the university, the Forum, the town…. This improvised talk really got me thinking and smiling.

Mr. Dankwart talks to participants of the International Forum for Well-being during intervention

Eventually, the charismatic Mr. Dankwart – yes, he has a lot of presence despite of the tail he wears in his back! – gave me a present: he read a governmental poem, a beautiful gift, a story about time, eternal moments, memory and care.
I can only recommend that you go around campus and take all the time you need to watch, listen, rest, admire… And maybe you will be lucky to bump into artists, to philosophize with children, create stories and focus on the small – but essential – details!

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