We need to hammer national governments

 We need to hammer national governments

Youth form YOUNGO share experiences and explain how to pressure governments.

By Cristina Dalla Torre


In the morning of 29th of November, during the COY10, there was a YOUNGO workshop about exchanging experiences. YOUNGO is a recognized agency within the UN system that represents youth in the climate Change Conferences. It carries the voices and proposals of young people and it is also a working network of youth NGOs and more. Each young person can subscribe to the YOUNGO mailing list and be part of the discussions, thoughts and ideas shared on possible path of action.

The main objective of this working network is to inspire young people to become active advocates for change in the climate negotiations. After an energizing musical for an icebreaker, the meeting started with interventions from participants that shared their successful experiences of advocating for a bigger participation of youth in the previous COP.

Brazilian Raquel Rosenberg commented of her path with her organization Engajamundo, which led her to become an active part in the negotiations as intermediary between her government and the UN in the Bonn conference last July. When her government asked for her personal opinion on chapter 6 of the convention concerning education and public participation, she took this chance to introduce YOUNGO’s petitionary in the final document.

Another active voice in his country is Mateo Botero from Colombia. He told us about the incredible story of how he managed to enter the COP18 in Qatar in 2012, without approval or official accreditation from the UN because of being underage. His motivation and entrepreneur spirit took him today to Lima as part of the most important Colombian delegation. Adam Greenberg’s message from the US was a bit different from the previous testimonies: “Right, action through YOUNGO is important, but now is crucial to hammer governments at a national level, showing them the need for discouraging the use of fossil fuels”. According to Adam YOUNGO is an important movement because it allows young people to feel part of a bigger network that supports them.

“Becoming conscious that there are thousands of other youth, like us, dedicating their time to the climate change cause is a positive thought with which to wake up in the morning”, concludes the young activist.

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