Well-being challenger: how can we measure happiness?

 Well-being challenger: how can we measure happiness?

YPA reporters Natalia Aquino and Thao Nguyen attended to the roundtable “Indicators in action and territory scales: how to change over from observation to management”, grasping perhaps the biggest challenge to everyone interested in rethinking our model of society.


The second morning of work at the International Forum For Well-being was busy as expected. Two roundtables took place to keep alive the discussion on how can we collectively and individually build not only indicators to measure well-being, but also how to apply these concepts in real life.

The reason why this conception is so changelling is that there are different experiments taking place all over the world, each one of them considering their own indicators of development and well-being, in a rich movement of initiatives. But indicators constantly point what is wrong in our current way of living, ignoring when things go right.

To switch experiences from local to international levels is another challenge. Thus authorities on subject gathered to think ways to implement indicators of well-being. Slavica Zec, from the Research Center on Finance and the Economy of European Commission, says that bringinning together researchers on the theme, along with political decision makers, helps not only in defining the concept itself but also in its prevalence in the public agenda. The aim is to actually reach people in a way everyone can understand the importance of rethinking our economical model.

The challenges involved in building the concept of well-being and its application in different societies are just beginning, which validates even more such initiatives as the first International Forum For Wellbeing in Europe.

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