What a coincidence in the coffee shop!

 What a coincidence in the coffee shop!

Glad and relaxed to finish today’s article, we went out from the youth press agency with an objective to interview an international participant.


Stopping to get a cup of coffee from the coffee shop, the teacher’s attention got caught with a young man wearing a traditional outfit and all of a sudden came the idea to interview this person and know his story with COY12. With a smiley, cheerful face, the young man agreed to be interviewed:

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ahmed Saif. I am from Sudan. I am studying computer science in Alzaiem Alazhari university. I am here for the COP22 and COY12. It is my first time here in Morocco. It is a very beautiful country which I will visit again especially Marrakesh.

Were you invited to take part in the COY12?

Actually I applied to it and I received an invitation.

So this is your personal choice. What are your reason to take part in such event?

The reason is that I would like to try to help my country in improving the ways of producing food especially that we are an agricultural country due the fact that we have a long river going through it. Climate change affects agriculture and its products in Sudan. So I am here to help in solving the problems we have and try to find green, environmentally friendly ways to help improve this sector.

Hearing this reason, can we say that you are an active member in some organizations in your country and that its from there you get your motivation?

Exactly,I work in different organizations in Sudan which work on academic and engineering fields. I am also a member in different organizations that deal with charity and service. Adding to that, I am a part of the International Institute of Electric Engineering. I entend to share my experience with Non-governmental Organizations (NGO).

What have you gained from your participation in the COY12?

I made friendships from different countries such as Brazil, Italy, Spain and France. This conference changed my vision. I feel like it is a big opportunity to make a change in my country. My graduation project is related to climate change and I think that technology is a great solution to solve the problem of climate change.

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