Who is sponsoring COP25? Is the next climate decision sold before it is made?

 Who is sponsoring COP25? Is the next climate decision sold before it is made?

Wait! I will explain everything.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see Coca Cola, Iberia (airline) and L’oreal at the biggest screen on the Cop 25 Building?

Are the world’s biggest polluters paying for COP25 to happen? What is the deal?
As an entrepreneur, I always want to understand what deal is behind arrangements, and I was very concerned if the world’s biggest polluters are bearing the expenses of the United Nations’ Climate Conference, in return for favorable policies.

My concerns increased when I saw Burger King as a food “provider” at the Blue Zone (where the governments and policy makers are) where you could buy a BEEF burger. Beef, being one of the world’s biggest polluters should not only not be promoted, but banned. The people who are in the Blue Zone of COP25 are the world leaders who are dealing with the climate crisis. They are the leaders. They are those who have power.

Are they ok with having beef for lunch? If so what are we doing here?

I went to the cafeteria for lunch, and I was shocked. One time use plastic being the biggest issue and the most discussed one, was quite present. Cut fruits, small salad bowls, 10 grams ketchup and Mustard were all wrapped in single use plastic. To me that is where the whole problem comes from. Those who are in the conference are the ones who shall not accept catering in plastic, fruits in plastic, and beef for lunch. If we (and them) as leaders are not willing to go the extra mile (it is not an extra, it is the absolute minimum) who do we expect to follow us?

On the other side, actually, it is my duty to tell you that all those sponsoring companies are investing heavily in making a change in their supply chain, plastic consumption and energy use. They have improved and they are planning to improve even more. We shall appreciate and encourage them to do so. We also should encourage others to follow the lead!
Despite their improvements, though, I want them to do more. What they’re doing is not enough. So long as Coca Colas can be found in a plastic bottle, and that bottle is destined to be washed in the Pacific shores it is not acceptable. So long as the cafeteria wrapps 100 gram salad inside plastic, it is not acceptable. So long as Burger King is offering beef, despite the efforts to become sustainable, it is not enough. So long as Iberia is flying the planes and polluting the air, it is not enough. I want them to Stop Now. To be Radical. Stop the factory. Stop the production.

There is no time to find the solutions along the way. Those companies have the incentive, but they are still too focused on their profit. They are not willing to put a hard stop on their waste, pollution, and unethical practices. I am an entrepreneur, I know how hard it feels when you have to close your company, stop having a profit or a salary. But wait a minute, what are you (we/they) doing all of that for?! The companies’ goals shall change from conquering markets for profit, to tackling the challenges humanity faces.

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