Will be Marrakech a COP of Action?

 Will be Marrakech a COP of Action?

We are on COP22 second day, and everybody has huge expectations about its outcome. Yesterday, at the first day of the Conference, a side event called “Expectations for COP22” took place.


It was organized by Third Word Network and representants from Africa, Bali, India and South Asia attended and talked about their conclusions on the climate issue.
The Paris Agreement has just entered into force four days ago, on the 4th of November, much earlier than expected, so there is a lot of pressure on this edition.

Even though this conference has been referred to as the “COP of action”, Mr. Rabi, from India, stated that we must call attention for putting timelines for the actions on the pre and post 2020. Although the Paris Agreement has been ratified by the majority of the Parties, it is still necessary to think an agenda for pre-2020 as has been thought for the post-2020.Besides this, Mr. Rabi equally said that the financial resources for Climate Change actions are not transparent and this “black box” situation is another big problem for the developing countries, given that they need the found to implement mitigations actions and make their INDC’s effective.

On the other hand, the representants from China described their ongoing reducing actions on the Green House Gases policies and their intent to reduce them at least of the 60% until 2030. Similarly, they observed the necessity that developing countries and Global Expectations for COP22 South-South cooperation work together to accomplish their main compromises.

Dr. Joba, African representant, stated that the main problems of the African continent are energy sources. He then added that frequently, when people think about developing energy areas, they always refer to fossil energies, although, in his opinion, it shouldn’t be like that. Finally, Joba highlighted that Africa is being too ambitious on their objectives for 2030 and maybe, there will not be an actual benefit for the environment.

In short, there is a lot of expectations on this COP and its results and States are showing several concerns and taking numerous initiatives. Hopefully, at the end of this “COP of action”, we will have a clearer idea on the path we need to take to move forward.

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