Youth Press Agency in direct with young at Trento

 Youth Press Agency in direct with young at Trento

On Wednesday 16 november we hold a skype conference from the COP22 Marrakesh with the School of International Studies (SIS) of the University of Trento.


The whole activity was in collaboration with the SIS and was composed of three parts.

In the morning, the students of the Master’s in European and International Studies (MEIS), watched the documentary of National Geophagy “Before the Flood”, as part of their activities of the English Language Course, facilitated by the Prof. Catherine Riley.

In the afternoon, the students were participating in a seminar on Climate Change, focus on understanding the key issues of the negotiations. The topics were: IPCC; relevant legal frameworks (including briefly the structure of the meetings in Paris and Marrakech); differentiation; mitigation and adaptation; NDCs; review mechanisms and climate finance. This seminar was facilitated by the Professor Elena Fasoli (International Environmental Law) of the University of Trento.

Following the seminar, our team delivered a Skype conference with the students. Our panel was composed of Elisa Calliari (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei), Luciano Frontelle (Climax Brasile) and Roberto Barbiero (Osservatorio Trentino sul Clima), all of them are part of the Youth Press Agency team. The skype had a duration of almost an hour, where the students could deliver all their dubs and curiosities about climate change and COP22 to our experts. There was a huge participation from the part of the students and we are happy that we could speak in a virtual face to face chat with them. There were making questions as the role of Trump and the Paris Agreement; Climate Migration and The role of Russia in the negotiations, among other questions.

We want to thanks to all the people who have made possible this exchange and we hope that sooner we will be doing this kind of interventions more often.

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